A new hobby?

Oh geez, I have nearly 20 draft blog posts, 2 unfinished knitting projects, and about a dozen sewing ideas that have barely even made it onto my to-make list. This is NOT the time to start a new hobby, right? RIGHT? Certainly not one that requires storage of more small things.

Nevertheless, here we are.


My coworker and I attended an intro wire wrapping jewelry class at Fusion Beads in Seattle. I haven’t made jewelry in almost two decades, and certainly nothing successfully with wire. The class was a wonderful opportunity to stretch unused creative muscles and get to know my awesome coworker a little better.

I found wire wrapping quite soothing. A few twists and turns of the wrist and I’ve made a chain of beads. It may be good for me to work periodically on small projects with small tools, to break up the bigger sewing and knitting projects.


I left the class with two new techniques, three new tools, some pearls, and findings for earrings.

Only time will tell whether this will become a full-blown hobby. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “A new hobby?

  1. I used to make jewellery as a teenager, then about 10 years ago I got one string of beads and was absolutely addicted LOL
    I still knit, but the only sewing I do involves beads 🙂

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