Leliana’s Leg Armor – Working with Worbla

I consider myself a highly competent seamstress. But a prop-maker or armor-smith? Not so much. Leliana is the first costume I’ve wanted to make that required armor. A cosplay panel at ECCC with Yaya Han helped to dispel the mysticism of cosplay armor (until that day I had never heard of worbla), but I was still intimidated by the material. My friend … More Leliana’s Leg Armor – Working with Worbla

Happy N7 Day!

N7: shorthand for the Normandy ship in the Mass Effect video game series. Geek holidays are cropping up everywhere. Examples: March 14 is Pi day (3.14). May 4 is Star Wars Day, on which everyone declares “May The Fourth Be With You!” N7: November 7 – Mass Effect Day (or more broadly, BioWare Day on … More Happy N7 Day!