The Me-Made-May Recap of the Recaps

Ok, just ONE MORE me made may post!

I, Meris of The Fabric Alchemist, pledge to wear at least one me-made or me-modified item everyday in May. 

I wore something handmade 28 days out of the month, and photographed 26 of those items.

What is different from the last time I did this in 2013?

Other than shorter hair and a bit more “life experience” in the eyes, I was much more intentional this year in choosing my outfits. 2013 included everything and anything I had made up to that point, including a dress from an Egyptian costume and a 1960s hippy dress that isn’t my favorite silhouette.

I have 5 new me-made or me-modified garments to work with this year, plus a few mom-made clothes I put into rotation for this challenge.

I have more confidence this year. You can see it in my poses and my facial expressions. My 2013 photos all have a “I’m not sure” overtone to them.

On a side note – I have given away 7 RTW garments featured in the 2013 outfits. My wardrobe overall is becoming more cohesive and intentional, thanks to some of the Wardrobe Architect lessons.

MMM13 Wardrobe Mosaic

Wardrobe Architect observations

Shapes, Silhouettes, and Body Features –

I figured out during W-A that I really liked fitted tops with flared skirts or fitted pants (but not super tight) or pencil skirts. Most of the 2015 outfits are consistent with this preference. In some

I like an exposed neckline. Not deep cut. Not boatneck. A solid scoop. Even the fog sweater and purple knit dress are wide scoops that show my collar bone. I like this shape for how it showcases necklaces and I think I’ve always liked my neckline and shoulders.

Colors –

My color palette has kept to the same broad color families. Though I have broadened the range of hues and shades to brighten my wardrobe – in both my handmade and thrifted garments. I also have more prints and patterns in my closet, adding some variety to outfits.

MMM13 Color Blocks
2013 MMM Color Palette

Greens and blues are brighter. The grays are more varied, including more light grays. Black appears less frequently, there is more white (in patterned garments). Fewer reds – or at least the reds are now the accent rather than the core of my palette. True, the simple act of wearing a higher number of handmade garments increases the diversity of colors.

2015 Color Palette
2015 MMM Color Palette

The color analysis I did last year tracks pretty well with my current wardrobe and sewing choices.

WardrobeArchitect_ColorStoryI am still not ready to choose 5 colors for a season and build a capsule wardrobe around that. And I honestly don’t feel a need to do that right now. I have fewer “oh god what do I wear” stare-downs with the closet these days. While my wardrobe is all over the color wheel, it is possible to pull them together with some strategic wardrobe staples. I’m working on a pair of light gray jeans and a pair of black pants. Then I want to have some fun and make (or thrift) a few near neutral and statement color tops.

Closing Thoughts

“Likes” have a direct psychological effect on us (read more here, and here). That is probably why the Me Made May challenge works so well in the digital age. If this was something we did before the internet, who would know or care? Who would celebrate with us when we finally debut a new make? Who would reassure us when we have doubts about a garment or an outfit? The responses from friends and other #sewcialists on social media helped me maintain momentum.

Through the #MMM15 and #MeMadeMay hashtags I also discovered a many new-to-me bloggers and sewing folks who I am eager to follow for inspiration. I plan to stalk those hashtags for pattern suggestions. There are a few patterns that I was convinced weren’t my style, until I see how other people wear it and how they chose to sew it up. My sewing wish list has grown exponentially.

What’s next?

There were a high number of RTW garments that sat idle this month because they did not coordinate well with my existing handmade items. My goal before the 2016 MMM challenge is to strategically select and sew more clothes (namely pants) that fill those outfit gaps. I want to be able to activate more of my wardrobe during May and throughout the year.

I have a dozen alterations and refashions waiting for me and I want to complete those before the year ends.

Before summer ends I will be adding a serger to my sewing room.

I will improve my garment fitting skills. There are a bunch of great blog posts related to specific patterns as well as a few Craftsy online classes. I’d like to get to the level where I can unfold a Big 4 commercial pattern and automatically make the pattern modifications I need.

And finally – I will not let the fear of mistakes keep me from sewing or working on a costume. That only delays projects and prevents me from “learning by doing”.

How did your May go? Did you participate in Me Made May? What are your summer plans? 

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