Previously on….Sewing Ginger Jeans

In the spring of 2014 I bought fabric to make my first pair of jeans.

In 2015, Gillian dared me to finish the Ginger Jeans and I managed to make a non-stretch muslin in January 2016. This confirmed that the size I chose to make wasn’t too far off and that pants weren’t as scary as I thought they would be. Nevertheless, this project stalled when I started feeling insecure about my changing weight.

In late November, Morgan from Crab & Bee, came over to help me do some fitting on the ginger jeans pattern. We made full butt and full calf adjustments and I felt ready to resume this project.

Then I decided to Rebel a little bit, made a Jyn Erso costume, and in the process made my first pair of pants!

That took a lot of the fear away. I had done it. I had made pants that stayed on, were comfortable, and looked good. Now, let’s make something with a little more sass.

This week I cut out my wearable muslin!!!!

I bought this black stretch twill when I bought the gray denim, knowing that I wanted black pants as much as I wanted gray pants.

Half of this blog’s purpose is to keep me on track, keep me honest, inspired, and motivated. I also want to use this platform to inspire and empower others in their own sewing.

So if you are sitting on a pants project (ha, pun unintended), will you allow me to share some of my epiphanies and thoughts about sewing pants? Maybe one will inspire you.

  • 5 stitches are all you need to be able to try on your pants – inseam x 2, crotch seam, side seam x 2.
  • Think about the worst experience you have ever had trying on pants in a clothing store fitting room. Got it? Can anything you make for yourself really make you feel any worse than that?
  • One of the greatest feelings (within the realm of sewing), to me, is putting on a garment that just fit.
  • Trust yourself. Look at everything else you’ve made. Seriously, get up and go look at your handmade items and acknowledge your skill and growth as a sewist.

Puppy and kitty believe in you!!!
Go forth and create!

Are you new to sewing pants? What intimates you? What is holding you back?

For those pants experts, what do you enjoy most about making your own pants?



5 thoughts on “Previously on….Sewing Ginger Jeans

  1. I went back to sewing when I had that classic crap experience in a changing room. The one where the clerk laughs at you.
    I think I’m on iteration eight or nine of jeans. I am amazed that I am wearing a pair I made three years ago, and ten pounds ago, and while the waist is a bit too tight, I’m good for all other fit points (okay the thighs could use a hair more…). I found the pattern that worked and the set of adjustments and I have pants and I feel superpowered because I can make them fit me the first time.
    There are still some fails (the curtain fabric was too soft and pulled way out of shape) (the ones that keep shrinking because of too much lycra or mystery fiber) but the pattern works.
    Go pants makers, go!

  2. I’m working on my first pair of shorts so I appreciate the encouragement from such honest faces. You too, of course!

  3. I so love your cos-play costumes! I’m reading a lot of fantasy at the moment and was thinking about you and how I’d love to see the take on it from someone who knows what they are doing…
    Re trouser making…
    I am sitting on a pair of Gingers, second iteration, since March last year. They are almost done, but the waistband is a bit too tight and the zipper shows too much. I finally took off the waistband last week, but could not be bothered to take the zipper off and redo the fly. I’ve made Gingers before and they were amazing, so empowering, just not sure why I’m skirting these ones (man, is this a pun-itis or what?). I think I’m missing the kitty and puppy believing in me :D!

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