Me-made May-hem! 

I skipped MMM’14 last year because of sewing burn-out. This year, I am back and I want to celebrate the things I have made, modified, and …. (damn, I can’t think of a third “m” word). In any case, I want to inspire myself to create more. Maybe even inspire some of you! (This is … More Me-made May-hem! 

MMM’13: Week 1

As if on cue for Me May May, brilliant sunshine poured into Seattle for this first week of the month. This makes wearing my handmade clothes much easier, as most of it tends to be suited for semi-warm weather.

Me Made May 2013

It’s back! The sewing challenge that I most associate with the sewing blogger community. Last year I tried to wear two handmade garments each week. At the time I was employed as an archaeologist, so I had to contend with field work interrupting my wardrobe plans. I also did not have a large amount of … More Me Made May 2013