July Pin-spiration

Pinterest is my go-to app when there is idle time to kill. I’ve successfully convinced myself that browsing for inspiration is productive and recently—thanks to a few changes I made to my Pinning behavior—it has been.

If you don’t follow me on Pinterest (and really there isn’t any reason you should, I tend to pin for my own reference) what follows is a selection of what has caught my eye and occupied my thoughts during the month of July. Many of these will influence future sewing and creative projects.

Nib & Brush –  After winning a starter calligraphy set from Sanae Ishida, I created a new board to collect pen & ink art as well as watercolors and calligraphy. I’ve enjoyed pen & ink drawings since my high school art class. Right alongside block prints, pen and ink had a simple stark beauty.

Revising my fashion and style boards – Every since Wardrobe Architect in 2014 I’ve been pinning fashion and sewing images to a number of boards that ended up looking very similar. It was overwhelming to look through the “colors and prints”or “general styles” boards because they each encompassed ALL of the styles I liked, wore, and wanted to wear. The boards were huge and no longer useful as distinctive references.

Combining feedback from friends on Facebook and Twitter and a little introspection, I identified four styles that I think define my wardrobe (and my personality) now and in the future.

Sewing projects – I can pin project ideas far faster than I can actually pin, cut, and sew fabric. I did some culling of these projects. Rearranging my wardrobe pins as I did has helped me choose my next sewing projects because I’ve started including sewing project inspiration in the style style boards where applicable.

While there is a backlog of sewing patterns that I want to work with, look out for more self-drafted/RTW-copies in my future makes.

I am smitten by this Dior dress worn by Jennifer Lawerence:

The fitted bodice and asymmetrical skirt has really caught my attention recently:

This Anthropologie Dress (many seasons ago) might help me use up some of my stash.

Taffeta Dress Refashion – I have a strapless bridesmaid dress that is ready for a refashion. It doesn’t fit quite right anymore but I won’t get rid of it. The dress comes with deep pockets. There are a bunch of taffeta dress inspirations in my Formal Gowns board, but none excite me enough yet.

Wedding Veil – I’m sewing a wedding veil for my friend so I’ve jumped back into the “wedding pin” zone. We are currently trying to figure out how to attach the comb if she wears her hair down, and Pinterest isn’t offering much in the way of practical tips. Also, my feed is starting to fill up with a bunch of targeted pins. But the bride is worth the Pinterest spam.

Retaining Walls – Not all my projects are fabric related. Our backyard features a steep slope that is currently not ideal for any kind of gardening.

Ok, inspiration time over. Let’s get to work!

3 thoughts on “July Pin-spiration

  1. Ooh, fun! I love the 4 categories of outfit you’ve chosen, and the pics your picked really do look like your style!
    For your friend’s hair, I wonder if she could do a little horizontal french braid the width of the comb at the back of her head? Then the comb would have something secure to hang on to!

  2. Ah Pinerest. I do use it for costume work (they pin stuff, I pin stuff, we argue less about visual ideas because we are looking at the same stuff).
    Mostly I use it for going down the rabbit hole. Shiny!

    Pretty retaining walls!

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