A Cardigan For Resistance and Furious Roads

I don’t even remember how I found it. Was I looking for patterns for a specific yarn or just looking for patterns? But there it was: a cardigan that I might easily see on one of my D&D characters.

Forager by Alex Tinsley

In the wake of Mad Max Fury Road and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this forager cardigan and cowl is quite appealing. It is casual, it is unique, and it allows me to wear my geek to work.

It is available on Ravelry for $7 or is a part of the Doomsday Knits book. All 31 patterns are pretty cool.

I am not going to make the cowl that is part of this pattern. At least not yet. I like how it looks, in the book. I don’t think it is fully the look I want to wear to work all the time. Instead, I’ll use the two remaining hanks of yarn for a different, warmer cowl.

I knitted the smallest size, but I think I should have knitted the next size up. The back isn’t wide enough and it doesn’t drape the way the example does. That said, I like what I have.

This is a good project for beginning knitters – three panels knit in a stockinette stitch. The most complicated section is at the lower hem of the front panels, where you need to knit partial rows to angle the hem.

I am terrible at updating my knitting projects on Ravelry. So don’t go looking for the details there…yet.

The yarn is from Knit Picks, a silk/wool blend in fingering weight. The yarn is a dark grayish brown (called Fedora, an appropriate choice for this archaeologist). It is a good neutral that pairs with my blue jeans, olive jeans, and future gray Ginger jeans.


I really dig the asymmetrical look. Just a little something unexpected. Unfortunately I think this is a summer cardigan, rather than a fall sweater. Which is disappointing considering that the cool weather has rolled into Seattle.

There are two other projects on my knitting needles – one quite geeky, and one a bit more of a spring sweater. Then I’ll start on my winter cowl.

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