Rebel With A Cause – Jyn Erso Cosplay

“May the Force be with us.”

At the 2017 Emerald City Comic Con, the 15th anniversary of the convention, I debuted my Jyn Erso cosplay. She isn’t a Jedi or a career politician. Jyn is a regular woman caught in the crosshairs of Star Wars history. Initially concerned with self-preservation, she steps up when she see something she can do to help the rebellion.

As a half caucasian/half asian American woman, I can relate to that moment of “waking up” and realizing that I’ve been keeping my head down while others are suffering and doing the heavy lifting in the fight against oppression. I don’t want to die a fiery death on a beach planet, but I do look to Jyn as a reminder that it isn’t too late to join the resistance and act in any way you can.


That is why, as soon as the credits rolled for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, I knew I needed to cosplay Jyn Erso.

  • Debut at Emerald City Comic Con
  • Costume – by me, The Fabric Alchemist
  • Blaster – by Cosmic Ash Studios

Photos by Critical Hit Photography

jyn 2017 eccc-1

jyn 2017 eccc-2

jyn 2017 eccc-7

jyn 2017 eccc-6

starwarz 2017 eccc-8

starwarz 2017 eccc-19
Striding toward destiny. Photo by Critical Hit Photography

Photos by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography:

Defending the galaxy with my husband, aka Starlord.




Group photos from the Star Wars Meetup:


Jyn meets Mal





Let’s end this with my *best* picture from the convention: Jyn with gin.

For the other Jyn Cosplayers out there, I’ve got a full costume breakdown with construction notes over here.



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